Social Accountability

This tab seeks not only to asist our employees in interpreting Mitaş Energy Social Accountability, but also to serve others such as Clients, Sub-contractors, Vendors and Stakeholders by communicating how the Mitaş Energy Social Accountability system works in our organization. Thus, this tab is both a guide for Program Management (Mitaş Energy Head Quarters) and a teaching tool for Project Management who develop techniques for implementing Mitaş Energy Social Accountability and monitoring ongoing compliance.

Child Labor

Child refers to any person less than 18 years of age, unless local minimum age law stipulates a higher age for work or mandatory schooling, in which case the higher age would apply in Mitaş Energy. If, however, local minimum age law is set at 14 years of age in accordance with developing country under the ILO Convention 138, 18 years of age will apply. Mitaş Energy has more stringent rules compared to ILO convention rule no138. No person at any country under the age of 18 years, neither can work on Mitaş Energy project sites nor at Mitaş Energy Head Quarters.

Forced Labor

Forced labor refers to all work or service that is extracted from any employee under the menace of any penalty for which said person has not offered him/herself voluntarily or for which such work or service is demended as a means of repayment of debt. The “penalty” here can imply a form of monetary sanctions, or physical forms of punishment such as loss of rights and priviliges or restrictions on movement or employers’ holding of “deposits” or identity papers. Mitaş Energy commited to execute the works without implementing forced labor actions. This rule also applies to Mitaş Energys’ sub-contractors and vendors.

Health and Safety

Safe and healthy working environment as definded by national laws and/or industrial standards. Mitaş Energy provides health and safety working environments (hazard free and (ALARP) minimized risks)) to thier employees by using physical control measures, administrative control measures and by providing suitable personal protective equipment.

Freedom of Association and the Right to Collective Bargaining

Mitaş Energy workers have the freedom to form and join trade union, free of any form of interference from employers or competing organizations set up or backed by the employer. ILO Convention 98, Article 2, prohibits, in particular, “acts which are designed to promote the establishment of workers’ organizations under the domination of employers or employers’ organizations, or to support workers’ organizations by financial or other means, with the object of placing such organizations under the control of employers or employers’ organizations.”


Discrimination refers to any distinction, exclusion or preference, which has the effect of nullifying or impairing equality of opportunity or treatment. Not all distinction, exclusion or preference constitutes discrimination. Mitaş Energy executive management is committed to perform best practices against discrimination. Any case raised by the employees claiming discrimination, is paramount topic for executive management for their review and in case any evidence showing discrimination, Mitaş Energy executive management will not perform any tolerance and imminent corrective actions will be taken.

Disciplinary Practices

When determining disciplinary measures or giving performance reviews, Mitaş Energy will always demonstrate respect for workers’ mental, emotional and physical well-being. Procedures will always be defined and followed for matters relating to employee performance evaluations and for disciplinary actions. These procedures will be applied consistently and not arbitrarily to every employee. If disciplinary action is necessary, Mitaş Energy will encourage a progressive course of action, beginning with verbal or written warnings before more serious disciplinary action is taken. Mitaş Energy will never use fines or wage deductions for disciplinary purposes.

Working Hours

At Mitaş Energy the normal workweek is 42.5 hours, the maximum hours allowed under national law is less than 45 hours.


Mitaş Energy pays basic needs wages for a standard working week and employees will not be obligated to work overtime to earn this wage.

Management Systems

Top management refers to people on the highest management level in Mitaş Energy; employees who report to the Employer or the board of directors and who are accountable for Mitaş Energy’s compliance with the requirements of this standard.

Auditing Process

Mitaş Energy frequemtly executes the auditing process both internally and externally for Social Accountability, Anti-Bribe, Traffic Management, Health & Safety, Environmental Management, Energy Efficiency and Carbon Foot Print.