Mitaş Energy environmental management system; is a framework designed to help Mitaş Energy monitor, control, and continuously improve Mitaş Energy activities environmental performance. Mitaş Energy utilises the framework as an organising principle to structure Mitaş Energy’s environmental strategy.

Environmental Management System (EMS) also used to reduce activities environmental impacts and improve operating efficiencies while demonstrating to stakeholders and interested parties that real action is being taken.

Environmental Management System is geared to help Mitaş Energy; to identify, manage, monitor, and control activities environmental performance in a holistic manner. For instance, risk assessments will be undertaken to help identify the context of Mitaş Energy’s environmental impact. Controls will then be put in place to help manage these risks, and strategies designed to reduce them.

By implementing an EMS, Mitaş Energy considers all environmental issues that are relevant to its operations. This includes but is not limited to, resource use, energy and water consumption, waste generation, carbon emissions, and effective local biodiversity.