Mitaş Energy Survey & Engineering Directorate: A Trusted Partner for Overhead Transmission Line Solutions

Welcome to Mitaş Energy Survey & Engineering Directorate, a leading provider of comprehensive engineering solutions for the Energy Transmission Line and Substation market. With decades of experience and a highly skilled team, Mitaş Energy is dedicated to meeting the sector's needs and delivering best-in-class solutions. Engineering Excellence for Overhead Transmission Lines Mitaş Energy specializes in providing high quality engineering services for power transmission lines. The experienced team leverages their expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions while upholding the principles of science, technique, and ethical standards.

Overhead Transmission Line Design

  • Route Selection: The optimal route for transmission lines is selected, considering factors such as terrain, environmental impact, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Line Survey: Comprehensive surveys are conducted to gather data for accurate line design and alignment.
  • New Line Design: Transmission lines are designed to meet specific requirements, ensuring efficiency and reliability.
  • Identification, Survey, and Design of Existing Lines: Existing lines are evaluated and surveyed, providing design solutions for enhancements or necessary modifications.
  • Modification of Transmission Line Structures: Transmission line structures are efficiently modified within existing lines, making any required adjustments.
  • Structure Checks and Conductor Renewal: Thorough structural assessments and calculations are conducted for reconstruction projects, including conductor renewal when needed.
  • Material Quantity and Cost Estimation: Accurate estimation of required materials and cost analysis is provided to optimize project budgets.
  • Geotechnical Studies: Geotechnical studies are carried out to assess soil conditions and ensure stable and secure transmission line foundations.

Design of Power Transmission Line Structures

  • Lattice Steel Tower Design: Expertise in the design of lattice steel towers to ensure structural integrity and compliance with industry standards.
  • River Crossing and Long Span Tower Design: Specialized designs for towers spanning rivers or long distances, considering factors such as wind load and environmental conditions.
  • Strengthening of Existing Structures: Effective solutions are provided for strengthening existing transmission line structures, enhancing their resilience and longevity.
  • Special Tower Designs: Custom tower designs are developed to meet unique project requirements, including challenging terrains or specific load demands.

Tower Load Testing

Besides the power transmission engineering capabilities, MİTAŞ Enerji provides services for full-scale testing of transmission line towers at the Mitaş facilities in Ankara. At ENA testing Station in Ankara, MİTAŞ Enerji is capable of testing towers up to 750 kV voltage level and in conformance with therelevant standards, ASCE 10-97, ASCE Manual 52, IEC 60652, IS802 Part III.

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